Diskuto:Aristide Briand (pariza metrostacio)

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Reference missing Are there any references for this station? or is this a Fantasy station? --GodeNehler (diskuto) 16:20, 20 okt. 2021 (UTC)[respondi]

Hello! Please note "Aristide Briand" is a planned station for now. Please see french article fr:Ligne 9 du métro de Paris#Prolongement à l'est. --Dominik (diskuto) 01:44, 21 okt. 2021 (UTC)[respondi]
Please note en:Aristide Briand (Paris Métro) was linked to the tram stop instead of the metro station (both are planned). --Dominik (diskuto) 02:17, 21 okt. 2021 (UTC)[respondi]