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Krom la dubinda angla teksto estas grava malavantaĝo, ke absolute mankas neŭtraleco. Estas prezento de la ordenaj postuloj, ne pli. -- 11:43, 28. Apr 2008 (UTC)

This article was transferred from "Rozkrucismo" to "Rozkruca Ordeno, AMORC" since it is specific only about this current-day Organization! Read it please!

The article title "Rozkrucismo" appeared to be promotion of this Organization since it established in it several links to the international wikipedia existing articles (on ten languages) about the "Rosicrucian" (history, legend and with NPOV relation of the several modern groups). Also there were several attempts to introduce in all the wikipedia languages this article as equivalent to the "Rosicrucian" article in their respective languages, which is not! It is equivalent, as its author(s) stated on the english Wikipedia article history of the article about AMORC, to this specific group/Organization: "(cur) (last) 19:35, 11 July 2005 (added link to Esperanto article about AMORC)"!

Please donnot try to make distortion of reality in order to confuse users: it becomes misguiding knowledge (desinformation)!

Thank you, by -- 00:25, 20. Aŭg 2005 (UTC) GalaazV @Wikipedia

Problem corrected[redakti fonton]

The problem has been corrected. Soon there will be a full article about Rosicrucianism on the page "Rozkrucismo".

  • Again I entered this page with the thought to ask for aid for a new a article on Rozkrucismo to be written, more according to the several languages articles. It was really a pleasure to find your above words about it and hope your action may be appreciated by everyone and above all by those unseen who may also have their hopes with us at this time, my friend. I apologize also for my hard words written above, they were not intended to spoke against anyone but just to point out that there was a needed correction to be made. Yours, in Friendship GalaazV @Wikipedia