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Your edits[redakti fonton]

Hi Adrián! Your user page in the Spanish Wikipedia says, that your think language is English; so, I write you in English. I am an administrator of the Wikipedia in Esperanto. I explored few your edits here, and I see that they are just cosmetic edits. But your edits create a problem: because you have not a patroller or autopatrolled status, your edits make patrolled pages not patrolled, and it is a big work to patrol them all for a new. If you would be a long time editor of this or another language section of the Wikipedia, I could give you an autopatrolled status; but you are not: you registered today, less then four hours ago. So, please currently stop such edits. I do not want to block you here, but it is possible that you will not leave to me a choice. I wait your reply on this page. Gamliel Fiŝkin 16:55, 8 jun. 2016 (UTC)Reply[respondi]

I stopped. Thanks for informing me. --Adrián Neves (diskuto) 17:01, 8 jun. 2016 (UTC)Reply[respondi]
Well. But you are still welcomed to edit Wikipedia in Esperanto (certainly, not similarly to a bot as it was today). Esperanto is a powerful but easy language, you can learn it quickly. Gamliel Fiŝkin 17:08, 8 jun. 2016 (UTC)Reply[respondi]

Please stop your bot[redakti fonton]

(Sorry, I cannot speak English very well.) Hello. I am JapaneseA. I am Japanese Wikipedian. Adrián Neves Bot in Japanese Wikipedia, Is this your property? Please stop your bot. Because, "& omicron ;" is easy to understand. However, "ο" is similar O or 0.--JapaneseA (diskuto) 09:41, 10 jun. 2016 (UTC)Reply[respondi]