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Is it going better with the new characters? (Also, what happened to the custom of welcoming users on wikis?!? :) ) Best, --Elitre (WMF) (diskuto) 10:17, 23 Mar. 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for pinging me on the issue. As you had suggested, Elitre (WMF), I have asked KuboF to implement the missing characters to MediaWiki:Visualeditor-specialcharinspector-characterlist-insert, which he did that same night. They appear as diacritics in VE and you can insert them in Safari (while I usually use the U.S. extended keyboard layout when writing Esperanto). – As to the welcoming committee ;) well, it has been absent already for some years on most Wikipedias. The most active users are too busy fighting vandalism, I'm afraid, and such tasks as welcoming new users are not that prestigious after all… So most new users are not welcomed at all, and the first message they receive is in most cases some criticism of their latest edits. I had suggested to use a welcoming bot instead on German Wikipedia, but it turned out most users still prefer no welcome to an automatic one.--Aschmidt (diskuto) 11:17, 23 Mar. 2015 (UTC)