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    Bonvolu peti permeson por funkciigi roboton en la esperanta Vikipedio. Se okazas konsento via roboto ricevos robotan statuson ĉi tie. Bonvolu konsideri la eblecon peti statuson de ĝenerala roboto.

    Please ask for bot tag before of running your bot. If we agree your bot will get bot tag. Please consider the possibility asking global bot status.

    Your request wasn't in the right place. Please ask again in the page shown below. After a week if nobody oppose, I'll give you the flag. (the only bureaucrat here : Arno Lagrange  03:18, 22. Jul 2006 (UTC) )
    The right place is Vikipedio:Permespeto_por_robotoj that you can find clicking the link "ask for bot tag". The explanations there are in esperanto and in english. Arno Lagrange  07:11, 23. Jul 2006 (UTC)

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