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Magyar: Palatinus Strandfürdő, Simor Erzsi színművésznő.
  • Location: Hungary, Budapest, Margit Islands
  • Title: Palatinus Strandfürdő, Simor Erzsi színművésznő.
Fonto archive copy at the Wayback Machine (archived on 13 July 2016)
Aŭtoro FOTO:Fortepan — ID 52419: Home pagePictureInformation page
Adományozó/Donor: Unknown.
archive copy at the Wayback Machine (archived on 25 January 2019)
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The release at is CC-BY-SA-3.0. As the photographer is unknown or pseudonymous, and the photograph is 80 years old, it is considered public domain both in the country of publication, Hungary, and the USA where Wikimedia Commons is hosted. See Fortepan.HU for more information on related uploads.


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nun05:58, 13 jul. 2016Bildeto por versio ekde 05:58, 13 jul. 20163 775 × 4 963 (8,6 MB)Photograph taken in 1939. Upload from [], part of Commons:Batch_uploading/Fortepan.HU

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