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Bonvolu peti permeson por funkciigi roboton en la esperanta Vikipedio. Se okazas konsento via roboto ricevos robotan statuson ĉi tie. Bonvolu konsideri la eblecon peti statuson de ĝenerala roboto.

Please ask for bot tag before of running your bot. If we agree your bot will get bot tag. Please consider the possibility asking global bot status. AL @ 07:13, 13 Okt. 2011 (UTC)

I asked for a flag in June, since nothing happened I choose to start the bot on slow speed in case you wanted a testrun. Anyway, I will not start it again before I get the flag. If I don't get the botflag mentioning so either on my or the bots talk page or on the page where I asked for permission is appreciated. I apologize if I've broken any rules. GameOn 10:14, 13 Okt. 2011 (UTC)

Forigado de memligiloj[redakti fonton]

Saluton, ŝajnas, ke vi ne komprenis, por kio mi skribis memligilojn en kelkaj paĝoj. Ili estas tie tial, por ke oni simple kopiu la tutaĵon en aliajn paĝojn, de kie la ligilo funkcius. Petr Tomasovsky (diskuto) 16:30, 27 Mar. 2012 (UTC)

извините, B Pусский/английский? (eo-0 & ru-1 so english would be best for me) GameOn (diskuto) 05:07, 28 Mar. 2012 (UTC)
All these your edits and those are wrong. They have their purpose. Thanks. Petr Tomasovsky (diskuto) 17:33, 29 Mar. 2012 (UTC)
Sorry about that, I don't understand the purpose of having a syntaxerror, in this case a link to the article itself. GameOn (diskuto) 19:08, 29 Mar. 2012 (UTC)
Its no sintaxerror, its no link itself. See any page, where that's used. Petr Tomasovsky (diskuto) 15:57, 31 Mar. 2012 (UTC)
[[this is a link]], and it is reported as a syntaxerror on this wiki when linking to the same page. I will not start the bot up here again anyway, but I suggest you get the facts straight before telling people they've done something wrong. GameOn (diskuto) 05:09, 2 Apr. 2012 (UTC)
There is a small difference between "Uzanto-Diskuto:GameOnBot" and "Uzanto-Diskuto:GameOnBot", the text is not bold in the latter case. -- Lavallen (diskuto) 11:51, 2 Apr. 2012 (UTC)
See for examply: Staré Těchanovice and Jánské Koupele, Radkov (distrikto Opava) and Dubová (Radkov). For simply copy the templates. Petr Tomasovsky (diskuto) 11:58, 2 Apr. 2012 (UTC)
Yes, the bot should have changed to article name if the bold text was desired. Most of the time this hasn't been the desired result when I checked different wikis before running the bot on this error. Regardless we can all three spend our time better than on discussions on what has happend, Lavallen on svsrc, me on svwp and you Petr as being the only one of us with any knowledge of esperanto can improve this wiki. IIRC the user Jopparn (who also is active mostly on svwp) suggested that the bold part should be kept if it was the first word on the page. This edit is an example on when this would have been better. Is there a general consensus that I should go over the edits my bot did in October I'll of course do so. GameOn (diskuto) 13:05, 2 Apr. 2012 (UTC)