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Kial vi metis la lingvajn ligilojn suben? Ni tute ne decidis tion fari kaj ne jam estis nek diskuto nek decido pri tio en la esperantlingva vikipedio. Arno Lagrange 05:03, 16. Dec 2003 (UTC)

I apologize for not replying in Esperanto but I only know English and Spanish. I didn't expect the rules for other language Wikipedias would differ from the rules for the English Wikipedia which states in en:Wikipedia:Interlanguage links the following:
These links are treated specially, and don't show up in the body of the text, but in a special header section "Other languages:" listed by language name. They can go anywhere in the article source; they used to be placed at the top, however this was somewhat problematic -- it was confusing for newbie editors, and the links often showed up in search results where one would have preferred to see body text. For this reason, it is required to put the language links at the bottom of the page, along with external links and 'see also's. Placement does not alter the visual appearance of the links on the rendered page in any way; they are listed at both the top and the bottom.
From now on I'll continue adding the interwiki links but I'll no longer move their position on any language but English. Thanks for letting me know. Hippietrail 00:34, 17. Dec 2003 (UTC)

Ŝva[redakti fonton]

Saluton, Hippietrail!

In case you don't check the "Lastaj ŝanĝoj" pages often, there are some replies to your "Ŝva" question on Diskuto:Ŝva. Amike, Bab 08:40, 24. Jun 2005 (UTC)