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Table of indefinite pronouns[redakti fonton]

Number Type Negative Universal Assertive existential Elective existentialŜablono:Efn Other
Singular Person no one (also no-one), nobodyNo one/Nobody thinks that you are mean. everyone, everybodyEveryone/Everybody had a cup of coffee. someone, somebodySomeone/Somebody should fix that. anyone, anybodyAnyone/Anybody can see this. oneOne might see it that way. See also generic you.
Thing nothingNothing is true. everythingEverything is permitted. somethingSomething makes me want to dance. anythingAnything can happen if you just believe. thisThis can't be good.
Distributive eachFrom each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

anotherThanks, I'll have another. otherOne was singing while the other played the piano. whateverTake whatever you like. whicheverChoose whichever is better. whoever (archaic: whosoever) – Whoever did this? whomever (archaic: whomsoever) – Give this to whomever you wish. See also -ever and who-.

Dual neitherIn the end, neither was selected. bothBoth are guilty. eitherEither will do.
Plural othersOthers can worry about that.
Singular or plural noneNone of those people is related to me.Ŝablono:Efn allAll is lost. someSome of the biscuits have been eaten. anyAny will do. suchSuch is life.