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Esperanto Wikipedia
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My name is Bekhruzbek Ochilov, I am a Wikimedia volunteer. I write Wikipedia articles, translate Meta rules as well as documentation, take care of pages in translation, and coordinate offline Wikimedia gatherings. By accomplishing all these assignments, I try to help in building a truly multilingual community in all Wikimedia projects.

Mostly I help out at Esperanto and Free Knowledge User Group, taking care of its Facebook page, as well as the Facebook page of Esperanto Wikipedia, organising different edit-a-thons and collaboration projects, as well as promoting editing Wikimedia projects in Esperanto. I am a proud member of Wikimedia Germany and Wikimedia Austria.

My username is Lingveno (Lingvema pingveno) and can be translated from Esperanto as "A penguin which loves languages". I know, it sounds weird.


How to reach me:
Mobile phone: +49 151 10982707 (unavailable till September 19)
Telegram: @Lingveno (unavailable till September 19)

Significant contributions to Esperanto Wikipedia

  1. Good articleGrandduklando Flandrensis
  2. Good articleTibeta spanielo
  3. Good articleĈagataja lingvo
  4. Good articleInsulo Alexander
  5. Good articleAmikzono
  6. Good articleBubastiso
  7. Good articleFondaĵo Vikimedio
  8. Good articleBaltrum
  9. Good articleVidaro
  10. Good articleSendependeca tago de Usono
  11. Good articleEsperanto-kulturo
  12. Good articleDiandlo
  13. Good articleSchuhplattler
  14. Good articleMarienburg

Conferences I've participated


Spent at least 300 days in:

Germany Uzbekistan

Spent at least 30 days in:

United Kingdom Ukraine

Spent at least 10 days in:

Austria Greece Spain Turkey

Spent at least 5 days in:

France Italy Mexico Poland Russia

Spent at least a day in:

Croatia Czech Republic Kyrgyzstan Liechtenstein Netherlands Slovakia Switzerland