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Hello eowiki. I have an outstanding bot request (Vikipedio:Roboto/Permespeto#Fluxbot) and have posted for community feedback at Vikipedio:Diskutejo/Teknikejo#cleanup_Special:LintErrors/self-closed-tag. I have not heard any responses. Please let me know what is needed to move this forward. Best regards, Xaosflux (diskuto) 16:45, 13 feb. 2018 (UTC)

Hi! Your bot seems to be useful, so I supported your request. Just give our community a little more time. Should nobody object within next days I will give your bot the requested status. Thank you for working on improving our section of Wikipedia! Alaŭdo ۩ 09:39, 15 feb. 2018 (UTC)
Thank you, no rush. Xaosflux (diskuto) 18:04, 15 feb. 2018 (UTC)
User:Alaŭdo OK? Xaosflux (diskuto) 18:56, 22 feb. 2018 (UTC)
Por Por: No buts!--Salatonbv (diskuto) 03:13, 27 feb. 2018 (UTC)
Farita Farite Hi, Xaosflux, I gave your account the robot rights on our Wikipedia. Thank you for your patience! Alaŭdo ۩ 20:47, 2 mar. 2018 (UTC)